Heels of Their Shoes

by James Gering
Watch him now
he’s lost his wife,
how he shuffles where before
he strode, how he slumps
after perky chin
and proud chest.

See failure hitching a ride
on the left shoulder,
inner emo perched on the right
whispering hate lyrics in his ear.

Block your own whorls,
for here come his why-s
and what-were-meant-to-be-s –
verbiage like vomit
but slippery slick.

Watch him now, trying
to curry favour
with his grown sons –
his wheedling hands,
their incriminating eyes,
the heels of their shoes.
James Gering has been a diarist, poet and short story writer for many years. His poetry and fiction have garnered some awards and have appeared in a number of journals including Rattle, Every Writer, Meanjin and The Lake. When not writing, James ponders, rock climbs and teaches English at the University of Sydney in Australia. His website: https://jamesgering.com/

© 2018, James Gering