Halfway Down the Stairs seeks new Poetry Editors

by the editorial staff
Halfway Down the Stairs is currently looking for up to two new poetry editors. Duties will include reading and making decisions on submissions, sending acceptances and diplomatic rejections, and also editing and formatting accepted poems for publication.

We are looking for poets who have a few hours a week to devote to HDtS and can commit to carrying out regular (but not onerous) duties reliably. You will need to be comfortable analyzing and evaluating poetry, making sometimes difficult decisions, and assisting with other matters in support of our publication. Previous editing experience is preferred, but not required. This is an unpaid position.

You will be replacing our current senior poetry editor who is stepping down at the end of 2018 after years of valued service to the 'zine. It is a great opportunity for editors who are keen to make their mark, and establish their own team and ways of working.

We are a small and enthusiastic team based around the world, and operate almost entirely via internet platforms. We will welcome the right candidates with open arms, and look forward to hearing from you!

Poetry Editor Application:

Why do you want to join the staff of Halfway Down the Stairs?
What skills or experience qualify you to be a poetry editor?
How much time per week could you devote to HDtS?
What kinds of poetry do you read?
Can you give us an example of a poem or two from our website that you like and would agree should have been published, and an example of one or two you would not have published? Why / why not?
When evaluating poetry submissions, what would you look for in terms of style or mechanics?

Please e-mail all applications to inquiries@halfwaydownthestairs.net along with three writing samples, at least two of which should be poems.
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