A Sensitive Stranger

by David Morgan OConnor
If another curious soul asks
            where are you from?
why are you here? This combination
               punch usually ends with
what do you do?
                            Do only label-less
              drifters find this agonizing
question or three
               the search for small talk
a foot in the door
                that tiny conversation because
you’re not from here, right.

                        Right, the irrelevant answer
a TV commercial between halves
             gives a map, a milestone
a pigeon hole, get a leg up, you can
              bet your home if you have one
                            they won’t remember
the answer for long because the outsider
               is secondary and doesn’t know much.

Perhaps the beautiful don’t feel this or the young.
David Morgan O'Connor is from a small village on Lake Huron and now keeps home in
Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil, where a first novel progresses. His writing has been published in: The Write Practice, Collective Exiles, Bohemia Journal, BlueStem, The Story Shack, The Literary Yard, Fiction Magazine, StrayLight Magazine, Electric Windmill Press, The New Quarterly and The Guardian.

© 2015, David Morgan OConnor