Moonstruck in Krogers

by Sharon Lask Munson
She pushes her grocery cart toward Produce, slows to slip six
Red Delicious apples into a bag, but moves quickly enough to
keep him in view—his wide shoulders, tight jeans, shock of
rusty hair. She smiles all the way to the checkout.

end of day
with possibilities
Sharon Lask Munson has been published in Spillway, Popshot, Cirque, and many others. She is the author of the chapbook, Stillness Settles Down the Lane (Uttered Chaos Press, 2010), a full-length book of poems, That Certain Blue (Blue Light Press, 2011), and Braiding Lives (Poetica Publishing Company, 2014.)  She lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon.  You can find her at

© 2015, Sharon Lask Munson