by Carrie Bachler
As I think about the topic of history, such a variety of adjectives pop into my head. It’s colored. It’s long. It’s sad. It’s brief. It’s complicated. It’s every single moment up until the moment that we are sitting in right now. It’s a billion years ago and it’s two hours ago. It’s what happened in the universe and what happened in Austria and what happened in your home.  A world war is a tragic slice of history while the sunset last night is a beautiful one. Memories of childhood are bittersweet while the memory of a baby being born is awe-inspiring.

What excites me about the topic of history as it pertains to Halfway Down the Stairs is that it allows our authors to create poignant stories and poems about whatever little pieces of the past that they believe to be important. Is history intriguing on a global scale or on a personal one? Is it a certain time period that’s fascinating, or is it the more abstract – the history of a relationship – that’s so interesting? As an editor, it was truly a pleasure to immerse myself in all of the past moments in time or past moments in life that our authors chose to hone in on and illuminate.

I hope that you enjoy our History collection as much as we do. Our next issue of Halfway Down the Stairs will be published on June 1 with the theme of Strangers. Please visit our submissions page for submission guidelines.
Carrie Bachler is an editor at Halfway Down the Stairs. For staff biographies, click here.

© 2015, Carrie Bachler