by Susan Culver
Dragonflies and damselflies and Dana gone to heaven.

Dana gone to heaven, way up high with Steven.  With Jamie and Jessica, Mary and Marcella.  And with Annette's Alexis.  And with Annette's Sean.

With all the kings, and all the horses, way up high and gone.  And here on earth, we shake off the backpat, the fetter of the embrace.  We listen lower now, shout less sure the words I am.

Shout less sure yet still so bound by time and grace, by the love and the love and the love remains. Bound and still so distant, in dreams as they are in heaven, our whispers are persistent, our lips bruised with the singing now.  And the wings, they ache with the flying away, on earth as they are in heaven, with the love, with the love.

And the love remains.
Susan Culver is the editor of Lily. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in journals such as 3:AM, The Pedestal and Cranky. Her poetry collection, All the Ways We Could Have Met, is available at Amazon.com.

© 2007, Susan Culver