The Highway

by Sharon Fedor
after Seamus Heaney

You were the one for the highway. I opposed
rolling onto the striped carpet of faded
pitch, in claustrophobic cage-on-wheels
effect. I liked the nonchalance,
the perfect meandering toward quiet towns.
There, a hausfrau, thick in a white apron,
whisks the porch-planks clean while
sweethearts loll in the swing.

So when we hummed across Alligator Alley
my eyes slid along the water’s edge
counting the splayed beasts anchored by smiles.
Following the mouth line of one huge snout, pointy teeth to curled shadow,
I shivered as one dull eye closed slowly and . . . winked at me!
In the snap of a hausfrau’s grip the road unfurled before me.
For hours I felt like the character
in that film where a man grew tired of the chase
and was swept from the ground in his flying machine.
Sharon Fedor has spent her professional career as teacher and mentor, engaging students that are fascinating and unique, and promoting the joy of discovery. She writes poetry and fiction. Her work has been published in Napalm and Novocain, Point Mass, and Legends.

© 2013, Sharon Fedor