Welcome to the 21st Century, Ms. Browning

by Sherri Miller
Do I love you?  It’s only been three days!

But what a paycheck, you’ve achieved great height,
And your Maserati is out of sight,
Your apartment it has such style and grace,
I could watch your flat screen all night and days

You could treat me to dinner, candlelight,
And maybe even more if the price’s right,
But what’ve the future how do you ap-praise
In talents and passion when put to use?

I want it in writing not in good faith,
My youth won’t last long, I’ve got much to lose
Though I’m not a saint but swear with last breath,
If none better comes along I will choose

To be yours til divorce, else come first death.

Sherri Miller is an editor at Halfway Down the Stairs. For staff biographies, click here.

© 2010, Sherri Miller