Listening to Night

by Laura Grace Weldon
Raised within walls
we describe life’s fullness
as close confines.

At night I hear floorboards creak
while our German Shepherd
roams, his inquiring nose sensing
what I cannot hear.

Perhaps wildness calls him.
Leashed walks and lifeless food
can't ease the longing
for what lies beyond.

I lie awake, listening.

The concert of beauty and pain
plays more clearly at night,
our cells resonate
to love, loss and need
trembling from
the world’s unspoken places.

Sighing, the dog lies down.
I gather my limitations close
as a familiar blanket
taking shallow breaths
waiting for sleep.
Laura Grace Weldon lives on a farm where she's convinced the cows and chickens appreciate her singing. She cooks subversively, speculates outlandishly and enjoys the company of other hermits. She's the author of Free Range Learning (Hohm Press, 2010). Visit her at

© 2010, Laura Grace Weldon