narrow man

by Brian Edward Bahr
old month.
narrow man.
sweaty pillow.
sallow rhombus sleeving cell.
swollen moon through window.

spidered refractions.
twinned bouquet of white.
ticking trapped in gritted teeth.

rustling leaves
stillness retracted.
a puff of dust:
single flower
supine on the flags.

time used to sweat.
time used to shed.
attempts at memory
vague imprints of a dream.

too many days.
too many nights.
too much remembrance
to grasp a full sphere

but mornlight will hang
that single divergence
that single offense:

a deathless token                      
on a nameless pendant.

sunlight projection
across a bare chest.
the time has come.
the time has come.
Brian Edward Bahr lives in the woods of Northern Minnesota with his cat Yuki.  Check out his other works here.

© 2009, Brian Edward Bahr