Words of Water

by Robin Offerdahl
They flow over the dam and slowly course by
the fortress banks coldly standing their ground

“Thus far, and no further
you meandering stream,
we know better than you.”

or as rain upon the meadows of their beloved ones
seeping deep into the labyrinths of invisible aquifers
each drop but blind to the results of their undying desires
to accomplish a purpose; a dream; something; anything;
only to arrive a week or two - a decade or two - later
hopelessly lost by dilution into that greater vast body
steeped in swirling stirs of wasted words foolishly spent
across all the countless hours of days and of years
desperately hoping and pleading to be heard
though for their efforts, destined
never to know.
Robin Offerdahl lives in the San Diego area with his wife and two daughters ages 13 and 11.  His work has previously appeared in Snakeskin Poetry Webzine, Haruah: Breath of Heaven, and Halfway Down The Stairs.

© 2009, Robin Offerdahl