Halfway Down the Stairs is a quarterly literary magazine created to publish cutting-edge fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by promising new writers.  New issues will be published every March, June, September, and December.

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The photograph used for History was taken by Alison Stedman.

Alison Stedman Alison Stedman (senior fiction editor)
Alison Stedman lives in New Zealand and works in the public service.  She has grown accustomed to earthquakes and enjoys reading, playing music and going on adventures.
Stacy  Wennstrom Stacy Wennstrom (senior nonfiction editor)
Stacy Wennstrom lives in Southeast Michigan.   She likes cooking spicy vegetarian foods, hiking, Zumba, brewpubs, and Hitchcock movies.  She loves to travel and is currently longing to go every place that she cannot afford.
Carrie Bachler Carrie Bachler (fiction editor)
Carrie Bachler lives and works as an editor in Michigan. She is currently working on her first book, with plans of one day becoming a novelist. She enjoys spending time with her husband, especially traveling to new places, and her interests include cooking and eating, drinking wine, and reading.
Roxanna Bennett Roxanna Bennett (poetry editor)
Roxanna Bennett lives and works on the outskirts of Toronto as a freelance writer and artist educator. Her work has appeared in a long list of publications and has been rejected by an even longer list of publications. She shamelessly reads comic books and has lots of great ideas for changing the heroic policy of not killing villains. Roxanna cannot do math of any kind nor does she know the difference between Imperial and metric measurements. Being Canadian, she writes words with an excessive number of vowels that American word processors maddeningly refuse to recognize as correct. Her first book of poetry 'The Uncertainty Principle' is out now from Tightrope Books.
Sherri Miller Sherri Miller (fiction editor)
Sherri Miller is the founder and senior editor of  A Golden Place.  She is the former editor of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Jude Bridge newsletter, and the Cincinnati, Ohio, United Italian Society La Voce II newsletter.  As a classically trained musician, Sherri performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra between the ages of ten and seventeen, and attended college at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  Sherri resides in sunny Southeast Florida.
Joseph Murphy Joseph Murphy (poetry editor)
Joseph Murphy is a professional editor and writer. He has had poetry published in a number of literary journals. He was born in Louisiana, grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in California, where he remained for many years, and now lives in Michigan. He envies people who are able to stay in one place for most of their lives, is married, has two grown children, and four cats.