Abate, Marie
Mystery of the Little Green Army Men (Mystery)
Acuff, Gale
Good News (Behind Closed Doors)
Adelman, Tamara
Yours for the Distance (Disappear)
Agarwal, Ankur
Reaction (Twists of Fate)
Alexander, Carol
Lost, Found (Nemesis)
Torah, Paint, and Obscurities of Desire (Schadenfreude)
Allred , Lorie
The Photographer (Chaos)
Anderson, E. Kristin
Get-Out Clause (Puzzle)
Innocent Girl Shrug and Smile (Puzzle)
The One That Kicks It Off (Puzzle)
Archer Jones, Scott
Clammy (The Outsider)
Mailbox (Puzzle)
Aschenbrenner, Karen
Preoccupied (Dream & Memory)
Assaad, Michelle
Here (Possession)
Attanucci, Jane
Difficult Questions (Homeward)
Pose (Homeward)
The Irish Hour (Illusions)
Bachler, Carrie
A New Day (Twists of Fate)
Behind Closed Doors (Behind Closed Doors)
Checkered (History)
Cold, Black, Leaves, Cloud, Lightning (Silence)
Culinary Timeline (Bon Appétit!)
Earth, Air, Fire, Water (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
From the Inside (Kaleidoscope)
From Thought to Song (Notes)
Ghosts in the Mud (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Homeward (Homeward)
Madness and Hope (Illusions)
Noble and Sinister (Persuasion)
please leave a message (Haunted)
Saturday (Dream & Memory)
The Corners of my Mind (Lost & Found)
Unraveled (Behind Closed Doors)
Without the Noise (Silence)
Bahr, Brian Edward
narrow man (Lost & Found)
Ballard, Jon
Note to Self (Notes)
Theory (Dream & Memory)
Barber, Linda
Walking Point (Villainous)
Barker, Simon
My Biological Father (Suspicion)
Barnes, Peggy
The One and Only Easter (History)
Bartlett, Sarah
For Keeps (Beginnings and Ends)
Beck, Gary
Infliction (Notes)
Journey (Bon Appétit!)
Rope (Bon Appétit!)
Bees, P.A.
George and Chocolate Ice Cream (Dream & Memory)
I Scan the Obits (The Outsider)
Bennett, A X
Spike, Pebble, Granite (Adventure)
Weight (Villainous)
Bennett, Debra
Inspiration Time, after Leonard Cohen (Time)
Bennett, Fiona Lesley
Up There (Chaos)
Bennett, Roxanna
Mystery (Mystery)
Never Jam Today (Tomorrow)
Possession (Possession)
Assault on Nature by Gary Beck (Disappear)
Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith (Persuasion)
The Dailiness, by Lauren Camp (Possession)
What’s This, Bombardier? by Ryan Flaherty (Farewell)
Betz, Liz
Chiffon Cake (Origins)
Bigham, Sarah
Let It Rain (Homeward)
Biswas, Rumjhum
Gift of the Merlion (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Playmate (Haunted)
Blagg, Carmelinda
Peripheral Vision (Twists of Fate)
Blasko, Danielle
During a Texas Hold-Em Tournament (Time)
Bledsoe, CL
Crowley's Ridge (Lost & Found)
Bokhari, Faiza
The Cobbler on Duplication Road (Spilt Milk)
Boler, Jean
Save Our Boys (Possession)
Boutin, Nancy
Goldfish Memory (Dream & Memory)
Bowen, Andrew M.
Fomalhaut (Behind Closed Doors)
Bowman, David R.
Hiking With Buster Through a Field In March   (Nature)
River Mine (Nature)
Brader, Teresa Tumminello
Beignets in Japan (Time)
The Fig Tree (Farewell)
Bradshaw, Bob
A Passion For French (Bon Appétit!)
Riding Bulls (We All Fall Down)
We've Never Met (Lost & Found)
Bragga, Anna
Releasing the Demon (Possession)
Brasseur, Jean
Contentment is Dangerous (Beginnings and Ends)
Brech, Mia
Follow Fellow (Nemesis)
Brissett, Jennifer Marie
Ashes (Beginnings and Ends)
Brown, Doug
Old Enough (Hubris)
Browning, Leah
Punch (We All Fall Down)
The Costume Wedding (Villainous)
Things to Do (Notes)
Brundige, Leah
From the Outfield (Origins)
Burns, Rebecca
An Old Man Walks Up A Road (Disappear)
At the Hotel El Loro (Beauty)
Cleaning the Gite (Homeward)
Dottie (Lost & Found)
Hades Landing (Farewell)
Kansas (Suspicion)
Loving Enid (Time)
MBE (Celebration)
On This Day (Tomorrow)
The Dandelion (Memory)
The Waiting Room (History)
The Wedding Guest (Mystery)
Butler, Emily F.
Campus (Hubris)
Butler, Janet
Icarus (The Outsider)
Calhoun, Harry
Susan Alexander, the snow, 1981 (The Outsider)
Camp, Lauren
The uh-huh of Desire (Persuasion)
Campbell, Duncan
Juvenilia (Persuasion)
Carias, Colleen
Blaming Barbie (We All Fall Down)
holiday sighting (We All Fall Down)
Stick Furniture (Illusions)
Carl, Melissa
Bridal Bushes (Beauty)
Postcard from the Ruins (Beauty)
Carlock, Marty
Sleet (Persuasion)
Carter, Teri
This Trio, Fatal and Valuable (The Outsider)
Casey, Kevin
Wish Pennies (Grey Area)
Casha, Salena
A Haunting (Haunted)
Cass, William
Gone (Disappear)
I Don't Think So (Hubris)
Photo Album (Origins)
So Shall You Reap (Nemesis)
What Do You Know? (The Outsider)
Castillo, Amy Yolanda
Whiskey Dick (We All Fall Down)
Chakravarti, Srinjay
Evanescence of Flowers (Notes)
Charney, Mark
Hook and Button (Grey Area)
Chase, Terry
Three White Bellies (Nature)
Chen , Joanna
8:55, City Junction (Memory)
Proximity (Memory)
Chiado, Amanda
Destruction Music (Villainous)
Clark, Antonia
Twist of Fate (Twists of Fate)
Clark, Antonia
Tongues (Silence)
Clark, Carolyn
Pillow Fort (Tomorrow)
Clark, Chloe N.
Origami (The Outsider)
Clark, John Thomas
At 4 a.m. (Dream & Memory)
Pillow Talk (Bon Appétit!)
Clarke, Hunter
Oysters (Wild)
Clarke, Regina
Timeshare (Mystery)
Coble, Daniel
Differential Success of Better Boy Tomatoes (Disappear)
Cohen, Rachel
A Pillar of Salt (Suspicion)
Connolly, Wm. Anthony
Tír na nÓg (Dream & Memory)
Connor, Valerie
Spiraling (Memory)
Connors, Susan
Moving On (Beginnings and Ends)
Cooper, Mary Ann
The Blue Dress (Illusions)
Corcos, Ion
Bay of Loutro (Origins)
Brown Bear (Origins)
Corke, Carol
On a Beach in Wales (Wanderlust)
Corrigall, Melodie
Jeremy Irons (Illusions)
Rosebud (Adventure)
Times Like These (Time)
Corrigan, Brittney
Cold (We All Fall Down)
Cottonwood, Joe
Mindego Mountain (Gravity)
Soft-core Cold War (Coming of Age)
Crick, Natalie
The Garden Outside The House (Fortune)
Crittenden , Chris
Desert Weeds (Disappear)
Culver, Susan
Blame it on the Postman (Notes)
Odonata (Notes)
Curtis Tucker, Memye
On Our Island (History)
Dacus, Rachel
The Land of Totuaba (Disappear)
Daniels, Barbra
Saint Augustine Grass (Beauty)
Dark, Rachel
Reckless (Adventure)
Davenport, Anniken
Hjemmelandet (Strangers)
David, Denise
Strangers in Las Vegas (Nemesis)
Davie, Andrew
Praetorian (Gravity)
Davis, Adina
Dearies (Coming of Age)
Davis, Daniel
A Snap Decision (We All Fall Down)
Davis, Deborah
Keeping Time (Possession)
Davis, Richard John
I Never Liked Him (Suspicion)
Davis Martin, Jackie
Parade Day (Strangers)
Day, Holly
The First of Many (Fortune)
DeAngelis Walker, Daniele
Wedding Song Blues (Grey Area)
DeFusco, David
After the Love (Hubris)
Demaree, Darren C.
Emily as the River Learns of the Button (Gravity)
Deminski, Carol
Lancaster (We All Fall Down)
Dexter, Matthew
The Invisible Waste Basket (The Outsider)
DiGiacomo, Philip
The Room (Wild)
Dobrof, Susan
Beginnings and Ends (Beginnings and Ends)
Dolensky, Lisa Plowman
Lost & Found (Lost & Found)
Donahue, Michelle
Clarineros (Adventure)
Volcano Pacaya (Adventure)
Donaldson-Evans, Mary
Reality Check (Hubris)
Doreski, William
An Arson of the Spirit (Twists of Fate)
Hurricanes Named After Us (The Outsider)
Doro, Ann
Question (Lost & Found)
Drake, Lena Judith
Nourish My Tongue (Bon Appétit!)
Driver-Thiel, Mary
Family Night (Villainous)
Ducey, Dylan Brie
Even When You Think I'm Not There (Fortune)
Duckler, Merridawn
What Fashioned Me (Beauty)
Duffy , Patricia
Charles Bridge Walk (Possession)
Night at the Chain Bridge (Possession)
Stari Most Bridge (Possession)
Duncan-O’Neal , Jan
Alive (Grey Area)
Dunn, Robin Wyatt
so (Grey Area)
Durmon, Pat
My Mother Takes Inventory In Her Nursing Home Room (Lost & Found)
Eastwood, Robert
Immersion (Grey Area)
Egan, Laury A.
Self and Others (The Outsider)
Eisenberg , Theodore
Hansel On Fire (Possession)
Elikins Radcliffe, Erin
Foothold (Wild)
Enache, Florina
But deliver us from evil (Homeward)
Engle, Margarita
Headwaters (Dream & Memory)
Enright, Skeeter
Night at the Opera (Illusions)
Erickson, Emma
Free-Range (Strangers)
Clean-Slate Days (Lost & Found)
Soliloquy Of An Angel (Behind Closed Doors)
Ewald, David
The Hoosier Factor (Villainous)
Fairchild, Matthew
Salvage (Hubris)
Fassnacht, Erik
Yucatan (Haunted)
Fedor, Sharon
The Highway (Illusions)
Felice, Amanda
Dad (Beauty)
Fields , Raina Lauren
Boredom is bigger in Texas (Time)
FitzSimons, Casey
Rehearsal (Tomorrow)
Florin, Daisy
New Canaan (Strangers)
Flynn, Nancy
A Woman on the Verge of Menopause Looks Back on a Too-Skinny Girl Also on the Verge (Coming of Age)
The Wisdom is Hindsight (Coming of Age)
Forbes Riley, Katherine
Unreal (Suspicion)
Fosati, Nina
The Things I Seen (Spilt Milk)
Fowler, SJ
(crossbones) (Behind Closed Doors)
Fox, Hugh
Firsts and Lasts (Beginnings and Ends)
Frame Gay, Sharon
The Song of Black Bear Mountain (Homeward)
Franklin, Stephani
Auoda, Unchained (Illusions)
Frey, Jack
Contract for a Slice of Uruguay (The Outsider)
Fry, Magdalene
Jolie and the Bean Stake (Beginnings and Ends)
Gaglia, Lou
Making Change (Farewell)
Winging It (Wild)
Gaines-Friedler, Joy
Drum Circle, Woodstock NY (Celebration)
Gallik, Daniel
TwoDaysInHistory (The Outsider)
Galosy, Julie
The Horny Passionate Pigeon (Nature)
Gann, Alan
Fool's Quest (The Outsider)
High-rise Dogma (Behind Closed Doors)
Gardner, Joanna
Salamandra and the Parking Meter (Twists of Fate)
Windows in the Deep Woods (Beginnings and Ends)
Gaynon , Trina
Golem, Goats, Grandma (Chaos)
Gering, James
Heels of Their Shoes (Nemesis)
Gerstle, Alan J.
Landings (Homeward)
Gilad Silver, Lizi
Bench (Farewell)
Gilbert, Dylan
Back to Twelfth Street (Chaos)
Gilbert, Zoe F.
Salt Stain (Farewell)
Givens, Leah
New Landscapes of Home (Chaos)
Good, Howie
The Heart Breaks Down Like a Mechanical Device (Twists of Fate)
Tristesse (Dream & Memory)
Goode, Melissa
There are no words (History)
Goodwin, Anne
A Dress for the Address (Beauty)
Out of Her Element (Suspicion)
Stepping Into Dan's Shoes (Disappear)
Goodwin , Jude
Goodbye (Farewell)
Grabois, Mitch
Meticulous (Chaos)
Grace, Maggi Ann
From My Bed (Beginnings and Ends)
Granville, Eliza
The Villa on Tumatawarea Street (Haunted)
Gray, Cora
Danaus plexippus: The Monarch King (Time)
Green, Phyllis
The Truck (Beauty)
Greenbaum, B.P.
Hopeless (Suspicion)
Greenberg, KJ Hannah
Wailing Entropy (Behind Closed Doors)
Grey, John
The Tread of Angels (Twists of Fate)
Hajinian, Peter
Roman, Explorer (Beginnings and Ends)
Trilobites (Mystery)
Hamilton, Kathryn M.
Tuesdays (Possession)
Handley, Paul
Passé Iconic (Lost & Found)
Hansen, Kathi
Love, Jack (Beginnings and Ends)
Hariharan, Trivarna
Meditation (Nature)
Hartshorn, Richard
Tree, Water, Girl, Machine (Spilt Milk)
Harvey, Jack D.
Buffalo Bob (Fortune)
Hawkins, Aaron Z.
Lessons Learned (Villainous)
Hayes, Jonathan
Fly Away (Notes)
Haynsworth, Leslie
Least Broken, Soonest Mended (Behind Closed Doors)
Healy, T.R.
Scenes From the Sandbox (Notes)
Hemme , Margaret R.
At Least Look Out of the Living Room Mirror and Smile or Even Snarl at Me (Silence)
Hemmings, Kyle
1941 (Farewell)
Hennessy, Kori
Sugar (Mystery)
Herndon, James Robert
Service Animals (Beauty)
Hicks, Cheryl
Grimalkin's Magic (Dream & Memory)
Other People's Dreams (Dream & Memory)
Tearing Along These Dotted Lines (Dream & Memory)
Higgins, Ed
Cannon Beach (Silence)
Ophelia (Villainous)
Hivner , Christopher
Jazz at Midnight (Silence)
Hoerner, Mary Beth
My Tragic Flaws (Hubris)
Hogan, Andrew J.
Sleep (Schadenfreude)
Holbrook Sackett, Leah
Burnt Prairie (Homeward)
Holland, Ann
The Great Mole Constellation (Chaos)
Holman , Casey
Practicums and Objectives (Time)
Howard-Snyder, Frances
Heart Rot (Gravity)
Light and Shadows (Fortune)
Howell, Bryon D.
The First Sonnet I Wrote After Receiving My 58th Rejection Letter From The New Yorker (Notes)
Howells, Ann
Chasing Rabbits (Beginnings and Ends)
Huddleston, Wynne
Feeding the Ghost of You (Haunted)
Huff, Melissa
Pilgrimage, Early March (Nemesis)
Huffman, A.J.
A Moment of Sanitization (Celebration)
Paradise Botched (Illusions)
The Final Fortune of Desire (Fortune)
Hughes , Sheila Hassell
Rainbow Man (Chaos)
Hui, Clifford
Bighorn Country (Grey Area)
Hung, Mindy
A Permanent Resident (Beginnings and Ends)
Hurst, Sheila
Microcosm (We All Fall Down)
Wandering Universes (Chaos)
Inbinder, Gary
Her Reflection (Time)
Jackley, Mark
The Second Marriage Rears its Head but Does Not Attack (Lost & Found)
Jackson, James Croal
Syzygy (Gravity)
Jackson Roberts, Laura
Eulogy for a Marshall County Possum (Nature)
Jameson, Hall
Clean (We All Fall Down)
Janes, Andrea
The Attraction (Time)
Jewell, Sarah T.
The Absence of Light (Strangers)
Joseph, Stephen
Seashells of Murudeshwara (Twists of Fate)
Kahn, Peter
Trajectory (We All Fall Down)
Kaminsky, Leah
To the Bright Blue Skies and Away (Tomorrow)
Kane, Kevin
given the current placement of the empty cigarette box, (The Outsider)
Kaplan, Barry Jay
Man of the World (The Outsider)
Katz, Hila
Cast-offs (Farewell)
When Linda Sketched the Dead (Grey Area)
Kausen, Kailyn
Less Than We Are (Hubris)
Keith, Kimberly
Pebble Round (Beginnings and Ends)
Keller, Lora
The Beauty of Life (Beauty)
Kendall, Sarah
The Crimson Oyster Club (Time)
Kimber, Stephen
Undying Love (Behind Closed Doors)
Kingston, Maureen
Split (The Outsider)
Kippola , Gordon
Next Moment After (Spilt Milk)
Kirkman, Angela Smith
Escaping the Swine Flu, Nearly—Holed Up in Istanbul (Grey Area)
Klepetar, Steve
I Touch You in the Dark (Beauty)
Singing the Dogs to Sleep (Mystery)
Klooger, Jeff
Nocturne (Behind Closed Doors)
Knight, Adam
Painful Charity (The Outsider)
Knight, Jenne
Sinuous (Wild)
Knight, Robin
Original Sin (Origins)
Knoll, Tricia
Lament of the Heirloom Red Deer Tongue Lettuce (Grey Area)
Touching (History)
Knott, Kip
Lost Dogs (Villainous)
Knox, Susan
Robert the Bruce (Origins)
Small Acts (Suspicion)
The Personal Touch (Grey Area)
Kollar, Maxine
Speaky-Spokey (Origins)
Kopp, Allen
Happy Starfish (Schadenfreude)
Koshar, Rudy
Such Delicate Things (Suspicion)
Krispinsky, Shae
Songs of Sons (Disappear)
Krug, Christi
A Memory of Bees (Dream & Memory)
Forget the Scar (Memory)
How to Crack an Egg (Bon Appétit!)
Lamb, Paul
A Tree Falls in the Forest (Coming of Age)
Lamothe, Lori
Fire, Water, Air (Memory)
Larkindale, Kate
Fireworks (The Outsider)
Lavin, Audrey
The Lady and the Taiga (Silence)
Lawson, Jane
Sweater Girl (Behind Closed Doors)
Lê, Samantha
Hellyer Park (The Outsider)
Lee, Pete
This Is Not a Poem About You Sleeping (Notes)
LeHew, Laura
A Redemptive Life (Twists of Fate)
Leung, Francesca
Dreamworld (Dream & Memory)
Josephine Small (Twists of Fate)
Lucie (Notes)
Missing (Bon Appétit!)
My Pretty Fifteen-Inch Dell Laptop, and Its Connection to the Interblag (Lost & Found)
Of Discoveries and Destinations (Wanderlust)
Perform (Notes)
Soldier Boy (Wanderlust)
The End of the World (Behind Closed Doors)
The Gryphon (Enchanté)
The Painter of Dreams (Dream & Memory)
Timeless (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
World II (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Zephyr (Kaleidoscope)
Leverton, Adam Tod
Things Not to Say (Twists of Fate)
Levin, Carol
To Get Around Time (Time)
Lewellan, Paul
Tests (Behind Closed Doors)
Lewis, Rachel
It’s Coming Down (Celebration)
Liccione, Anthony
awakening in japan (The Outsider)
Lind, Laurinda
Class Action (Hubris)
Los Angeles (Hubris)
Lipsey , Stefanie
Chanting Silence Eternal (Silence)
Lobaugh, Jennifer
Squall (Chaos)
Long, Cara-Aimee
An Act of Contrition (Tomorrow)
Lovin, Christina
At the End of His Life (Beginnings and Ends)
Low, Werner
The Black Arrow of Death (Adventure)
Luby, Heather
Enough (We All Fall Down)
Luff, Donna
Surfer Moms (Adventure)
Maddux-Creech, Sandra
Butterfly Dreaming (Dream & Memory)
Magendie, Kathryn
Red Day (Kaleidoscope)
Major, Cléa
Giantess (Adventure)
Managan , Yvette
Parallels (Time)
Manion, Lance
hair today, gone tomorrow (Tomorrow)
Marbach, Donna M.
Vacancy (Twists of Fate)
Mark, Joshua J.
The Last Chance (We All Fall Down)
Markovich, Alex
An Older Woman (Memory)
Girl With a Red Hat (History)
Notes from a Penny-Candy Store (Gravity)
Sarah's Secrets (Wild)
Markovich, Robert
Uncle Joe's Attic (Celebration)
Markowski, Jacqueline
I Still Live In Your House (Disappear)
There Are Facts I Cannot Recite (Disappear)
Martin, Carolyn
New Jersey to Canterbury: In search of a pilgrimage (Memory)
Martin-Wood, Carla
Missing (Lost & Found)
Maruyama, Kate
Three Pieces (Lost & Found)
Massey, Gale
An Uncertain Truth (We All Fall Down)
Matheny, Lydia
Spider's Cradle (Persuasion)
Mathews, Catherine
A Tale of Two Wars (History)
Müller, Eric G.
Schloss Esterhazy (Haunted)
Müller, Matthew Zanoni
Hank (Origins)
My Grandfather's Gift (We All Fall Down)
McCabe, Beth
Everything We Need (Celebration)
McCann, Janet
 Argument About Faith and Chance (Fortune)
Luck (Fortune)
McCormick, Antoinette
Postmark (Memory)
McCreery, Hilary
To Love An Abstraction (Farewell)
McGettigan, Maggi
Centralia, Town on Fire (Homeward)
McGuigan, Mary Ann
Home Front (Suspicion)
McGuire, Caitlin
The Sea Dream Child (Lost & Found)
McGuire, Catherine
Pixelated (Lost & Found)
McHenry, Linda
A-Drift in Time (Time)
Flashbulb Reflections (Adventure)
Sugar-Free is for Sissies (Beauty)
McKenna, J.J.
Comme une Jeune Fille (Haunted)
McKenzie, Amanda
The Looking Glass (Behind Closed Doors)
McLean, David
missing meanings (Twists of Fate)
sun-peel (Twists of Fate)
McMillan-Holifield , Michelle
Bless this Kiss (Celebration)
Meador , Steve
In The Wind (Haunted)
Melara, Jan
Obedience (Behind Closed Doors)
Merrifield, Karla Linn
Fortune (Fortune)
Mesler, Corey
After the Dream (Dream & Memory)
Nervous Stomach (Bon Appétit!)
Met, Jennifer
Odradek as a Wandering Eye (Suspicion)
Terrorism (Suspicion)
Miller, Jane
House of Cards (Illusions)
Miller, Sherri
Air and the E String (Twists of Fate)
Mr Parish (Disappear)
Paisan's Pizzeria (Bon Appétit!)
Paisan's Pizzeria Lost and Flounder (Lost & Found)
Paisan's Pizzeria: Time Wounds All Heels (Twists of Fate)
Sweet Love (Bon Appétit!)
Undertaking Passage (Behind Closed Doors)
Welcome to the 21st Century, Ms. Browning (Behind Closed Doors)
Émigré, by Paul Grabbe with Alexandra Grabbe (Strangers)
Catching the Barramundi by Rebecca Burns (Beauty)
The Bishop’s Girl by Rebecca Burns (Homeward)
Mitchell, Felicia
Gallery Review (Illusions)
Moore, Julie L.
Going Home (Twists of Fate)
Moore, Lauren
Orbit (Mystery)
Moriarty, Mimi
Disoriented (Dream & Memory)
Moul, Keith
Bird in the Fire (The Outsider)
Mueller, Megan
Ethan Brand (Illusions)
Mueter, John
The Panov-Botvinnik Attack (Illusions)
Mujica, Barbara
Interrogating Calla (Grey Area)
Munson, Sharon Lask
Essential Django Reinhardt (Wild)
Moonstruck in Krogers (Strangers)
Periphery, at twelve (Coming of Age)
Murphy, Joseph
A Perspective on Poetry (Time)
Farewell (Coming of Age)
Origins (Origins)
Schadenfreude (Schadenfreude)
The Continual Challenge (Chaos)
The Poem as a Puzzle (Puzzle)
What we can't do without (Memory)
Murphy-Kangas, Sarah
Full Court Press (Coming of Age)
Muslim, Kristine Ong
Doors, Rooms, Secrets (Dream & Memory)
The Missing Girl (The Outsider)
Wrong Street (Dream & Memory)
Naremore, Jim
Invitation to a Most Convenient Funeral (Wild)
Kissing Mermaids at the True Death-Defying Waterslide to Oblivion (Gravity)
Nelson, J.D.
autumnal (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Ukiah No. 239 (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Neuberg, Karen
Dearest (Chaos)
Newton, Kim
Lady in the Blue Sash (History)
Nicholls, Daniel A.
Hephaestus in agony (Villainous)
Nigam, Milena
In the Middle of the Night (Disappear)
Spilt Milk (Spilt Milk)
Suspicion (Suspicion)
Starting with Goodbye by Lisa Romeo (Nature)
Noel, Don
The Tree (Gravity)
Noisel, Mynah
Stories I Would Have Written (Silence)
North, Barry W.
Victim (Silence)
Northern, Vicki
Dream and Memory (Dream & Memory)
Effects (Bon Appétit!)
Homecoming (Kaleidoscope)
Night Shift (Wanderlust)
The Fall of Troy (Enchanté)
The Miners (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
The Small Hours (Enchanté)
The Trumpeter (Notes)
Travel (Dream & Memory)
Northrup, Dave
Death Benefit (Time)
Jack (Silence)
The Unknowableness of Things (Origins)
Noto, Vincent Joseph
Swimmers Downstream (Persuasion)
OBrien, Joyce Lautens
Like Leaves in Autumn (Farewell)
OConnor, David Morgan
A Sensitive Stranger (Strangers)
Offen, Beverly
Raising Robins (Celebration)
Offerdahl, Robin
Forever (Lost & Found)
Grace (Behind Closed Doors)
Leaky Faucets (The Outsider)
Words of Water (Twists of Fate)
Okun Hill , Debbie
Inside a Magician's Black Hat (Adventure)
Orkin, Joshua Clark
as rain floods the earth (Behind Closed Doors)
Pachico, Julianne
Disposable (Time)
Panicker , Vidya
Tastes, dust and smoke (Celebration)
Parc, Marie
Keys (Tomorrow)
Parker, Pam
Purple Asteroid (Strangers)
Parsons, E.M.
Tears (Disappear)
Paulsen, Kathryn
Preserves of Memory (Homeward)
Pedersen, Sarah
Out of Nowhere, in the Middle of a Conversation in Gym (Silence)
Pedzich, Joan
Gone Fishing (Lost & Found)
Pelley , Sherry
His Voice in the Choir (Persuasion)
Perchik, Simon
And though this bottle is empty (Wild)
You listen the way this stone (Wild)
Perrone, Diane M.
The Babysitters (Chaos)
Perry, Katherine D.
Magnolia Springs, Alabama & Barefoot (Nature)
Philen, Bradford
Here and There (Chaos)
Phoenix, Anna
Subway (Strangers)
Pokrass, Meg
Half Asleep (Dream & Memory)
Poppe, Alex
Morning Meals (Memory)
Porder, D.C.
art (Twists of Fate)
please turn me off (Twists of Fate)
Press, Tony
A Good Day to be Born (History)
Postcards from the Underground (Nemesis)
Two Days from the Sea (Mystery)
Pressman, Stephanie
A sighting of unknown light (Illusions)
Conjuror (Illusions)
Purdy, Jessica
Opportunity (Twists of Fate)
Perhaps a Consolation for the Solitude of Death (Haunted)
The Fire Next Door (Twists of Fate)
Quinn, Shannon
Boardwalk (anecdotes from a discrete period) (Villainous)
Bruises (Memory)
Payphone (Time)
Stuck (Memory)
Swallow the Bones (Persuasion)
R. Samuels, Kelly
Rewilding of Tidmarsh and Beyond (Nature)
Ralls, Anna
You Get Tunnel Vision (Fortune)
Rank, Josh
Biscuits and Gravy (Grey Area)
Ranzoni, Patricia Smith
Glimpses (We All Fall Down)
Rastall, Janeen
Fall (Beginnings and Ends)
Rea, Julie
Shanghaied (Nemesis)
Recierdo, Angelica
Tiny Booklets (Possession)
Rees, Dianne
Leviathan (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Reger, Adam
Polish Polka Band (Beauty)
Reid, Carol
Lavender (Beginnings and Ends)
The Katzman Ghost (Dream & Memory)
Reitman, Elena
All The World's Undefined Weariness (Tomorrow)
Richards, Derek
black market adoption (Behind Closed Doors)
Roennfeldt, Darcy
Navy Blue Buick (Schadenfreude)
Rohan, Ethel
More Than Gone (Behind Closed Doors)
Rojas, Val Dering
Witness (Schadenfreude)
Romeo, Lisa
Eyes, Hands, Hotel, Hospital (Memory)
Rooke, Susan
Those Silenced by the Storms (Tomorrow)
When He Leaves (Time)
Rosen, Mimi
Jenny's Secret (Twists of Fate)
Ross, Alyssa D.
Meatloaf Wednesday (Disappear)
Ross, Janet
Cathedral of Sand (Coming of Age)
Rozen, G. A.
Four Minutes (Persuasion)
Rozga, Margaret
The Mother (Silence)
Rudnick , Paula
INITIATION FEE (Coming of Age)
Rutherford, Fain
Regeneration Engineer (Puzzle)
Ryan, Jean
The Golden Age (Possession)
Saad, Michael
A Decorous Age (Lost & Found)
Sager, Heather
The Moon and I (Nature)
Salisbury, Jane
Holdfast (Wild)
Malawi Coke (Strangers)
Salling, J.R.
Satie's Estate Liquidation (Notes)
Sanville, Terry
Le Grande Music (Notes)
Sawyer-Irish, Alexander
Butcher (Puzzle)
Scherer, Logan
Are These Your Flip-Flops? (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Schmiel, Erin
Land Sailing (Possession)
Schout, Dawn
Wall (Behind Closed Doors)
Scott, Susan
Spirits Roam When the Moon Winks (Nature)
Seawell, Marjorie
Lethal Cargo (Behind Closed Doors)
Sellman, Tamara Kaye
Enough (Grey Area)
THE EXPERT (Nemesis)
Shafee, Fariel
The Random Step (Lost & Found)
Shaw, J. Harker
Fortune Cookie (Fortune)
Sheehan, Tom
Home From the Dead (Twists of Fate)
Shepherd, Karen
Spawning (Nature)
Shillibeer, Carol
Eurydice's version (Disappear)
the music of lost men (Disappear)
Shirley, Debra
Sun, Descending (Haunted)
Shore, Jake
On State Line (Adventure)
Sideris, Hilary
All Nite Wash & Dry (Gravity)
Full Length Mirror (Gravity)
Smith, J L
Something Like That (Behind Closed Doors)
Smith, Rose M.
Making Sweet (Coming of Age)
Somlo, Patty
Raisins (Nemesis)
The Healing Begins Here (Wild)
Spiegel, Rob
A Hungry Wave (Mystery)
But the Air Goes Clear (Beginnings and Ends)
Half the Sky (Mystery)
St. Clare, Adriane
The Mountain and the Painter (Twists of Fate)
Stahlschmidt, Hans Jorg
Solitude (The Outsider)
Stasik, Sarah
Thought Experiment (Behind Closed Doors)
Stedman, Alison
The Flower to the Painter, by Gary Inbinder (We All Fall Down)
A Conference of Villains (Enchanté)
Curiosity (Adventure)
Flying too close to the sun (Hubris)
Goodbyes (Farewell)
Life is a Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope)
Nemesis (Villainous)
On the Outside (The Outsider)
Rain (Dream & Memory)
Silence (Silence)
Strangers (Strangers)
Stray (The Outsider)
The Piano Tuner (Kaleidoscope)
The Soundtrack of My Life (Wanderlust)
Turning (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Twists and Turns (Twists of Fate)
Wild (Wild)
Yagmar Falls from the Sky (Enchanté)
Breath, by Tim Winton (Bon Appétit!)
From Under the Overcoat, by Sue Orr (Haunted)
Her Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger (Behind Closed Doors)
Mr Rosenblum's List, by Natasha Solomons (The Outsider)
Solo, by Rana Dasgupta. (Lost & Found)
The Settling Earth, by Rebecca Burns (History)
The Swimmer, by Roma Tearne (Haunted)
Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion (Silence)
Stenis, Paul
Base Hit to Center (Villainous)
Stone, Ellen
The milkman (Coming of Age)
Stone, Hannah
Lost and Found (Schadenfreude)
Stone, Lois Greene
Lo Mein not included (Fortune)
Stone, M.
Green-Eyed (Schadenfreude)
Stone, Mary
Pulse (Time)
Stout, Laura
Absence (Disappear)
Succre, Ray
Kiss the Morning I Am Not In (Notes)
Sutton, Tricia
Trespasser (The Outsider)
Svehaug, Erik
Undeterred (Beauty)
Swift Brauer, Barbara
Learning Distance (Nature)
On Viewing Artist Point Across Yellowstone Canyon (Nature)
Tautvydas, Rasa
A Promise (Nature)
Taylor, Gail
Tornado (Behind Closed Doors)
Taylor, Laura
Huami (Illusions)
Teutsch, Ken
Morning Rituals (Chaos)
Next of Kin (Origins)
The Storm on Promise Land Road (Haunted)
The Tune Had a Dying Fall (Puzzle)
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Celebration (Celebration)
Halfway Down the Stairs Seeks New Poetry Editor (Haunted)
The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs, 2005-2010 (Silence)
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Halfway Down the Stairs Seeks New Nonfiction Editor (History)
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Halfway Down the Stairs seeks new poetry editor (Nemesis)
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Thomas, Katelyn
Que Sera, Kitchen (Spilt Milk)
Thompson, Richard
the nurse hung up the phone; restraints (Farewell)
Thomsen , Marjorie
Her Story (Farewell)
My Parents’ Faces (Beauty)
Thornton, Wendy
Lying Still (Persuasion)
Thymian, Jari
Real Gods (The Outsider)
Tolson, Graeme
9-13 (Coming of Age)
Tondreau Dahl, Alexa
Critters Don't Knock (Coming of Age)
Toorvald, Sven
Horn Scars (Disappear)
Toupin, James
The Unrevealed (Silence)
Tuatha, Wren
Old Shelby (Homeward)
Turpin, Elaina
On the Road (Wanderlust)
Ullmann, Maryann
Certified (Haunted)
Knock (Persuasion)
Underhill Fitzpatrick, Catherine
Sounds and Fury (Beginnings and Ends)
Taken (Origins)
Unikowski, Isi
5 AM (Silence)
Valente, Joanna
Items 1-3 (Beginnings and Ends)
van der Have, Milla
Ragtime (Haunted)
Vázquez, April
Kyle Mayhue, My Virginity, and Other Losses (Coming of Age)
Vega, Cristina
Dominion (Farewell)
Venkataraman, Kim
Barcelona (Grey Area)
Verma, Ember
The Middle Man (Coming of Age)
Vicary, John
She Dreams of Flying (Possession)
Villars, Pamela
On Preparations for the End of the World (Beginnings and Ends)
Vishwanathan, Ajay
Love, E (The Outsider)
von Kursell, Mikaela
The Planet Hunter’s Headache (Illusions)
Walker, Elinor Ann
On Hoping There’s More Than Meets the Eye (Nature)
What Could Make Them Glad? (Nature)
Wallace, Ann E.
Sisyphus Alone (Nemesis)
Wallace, M. B.
The Red Dress (We All Fall Down)
Walls, Angie
Liars and Cheaters (Grey Area)
Walther, Margaret
Horse in my Hand (Beginnings and Ends)
Wanczyk, David
Edith (Farewell)
Watkins, Amy
When I Am Asked (Dream & Memory)
Wawrzyniak, Gail
Still Life Discussions (Silence)
Wayland, Tina
Beautiful Scents (Beauty)
Weaver, Elizabeth
The Screaming Beet (Chaos)
Webb-Pullman, Mercedes
Hangman's Creek (Illusions)
Weene, Ken
Antique Jar (Lost & Found)
Weil, John C.
Waving to the Rubber Band Boy (Nemesis)
Weiss, Jessica
Empty: My Journey at the Spanish Table (Behind Closed Doors)
Weldon, Laura Grace
Anger Is Its Own Lesson (Spilt Milk)
Listening to Night (Behind Closed Doors)
Wennstrom, Stacy
Beauty (Beauty)
Celebrations (Bon Appétit!)
Fallen (We All Fall Down)
Fortune Telling (Fortune)
Frost (Enchanté)
Haunted (Disappear)
John Elder Robison (Dream & Memory)
Lesley Kagen (Notes)
Make Believe (Wanderlust)
Melanie Benjamin (Behind Closed Doors)
Nature (Nature)
Pink Cashmere (Kaleidoscope)
Reclaimed (Lost & Found)
The Book of Abominations (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
The Last Supper (Bon Appétit!)
Thrift Store Archeologist (Behind Closed Doors)
Trish Ryan (Bon Appétit!)
Vigil (Twists of Fate)
When We Are Enchanted (Enchanté)
Wine Tasting (Beginnings and Ends)
An Exclusive Love  by Johanna Adorján (Haunted)
Artefacts and Other Stories by Rebecca Burns (Schadenfreude)
Werneburg, Matthew
The Quarry (Strangers)
West , Pat Philips
Beyond Jordan (Haunted)
West, Pat Phillips
Shades of Blue (Silence)
Westfall , Marilyn
Leave-Taking (Memory)
Weston, Joanna M.
The Pilgrim (Gravity)
Weston , Jonna M.
The Time I Saw Jasmine (Haunted)
White, Nathan E.
Notes for Moving Day (Farewell)
White, Sheryl
Homing (Homeward)
Whiteley, Aliya
Boxes (Lost & Found)
Wickman, Leah
Cosmopolitan (Kaleidoscope)
Gifts so Treasured (Enchanté)
Sea Salt (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
With the Grace of God Go I (Wanderlust)
Wilcox, Daniel
Of Things Past and Future (Dream & Memory)
wildhood, m.nicole.r.
Excerpts from a War Memoir (Possession)
Wilkinson, Jordan
Blue Frosting (Persuasion)
Wilkinson, Sarah
Grey Area (Grey Area)
Treehouse (Puzzle)
Wilson, Gerry
Wives (Beginnings and Ends)
Winn , Sarah
Delayed Exposure, Close to Home (Memory)
Winward, Shannon Connor
Day 188 (Farewell)
Wood, Jeff
Ketchup (We All Fall Down)
Woods, Ellen
Tumbleweed (Beauty)
Wyatt , Abigail
Isabella Remembers Columbus (History)
Yanes, Brigette
Ghost in the Kitchen (Haunted)
Yankwitt, Alyssa
He Who Cannot Love (Tomorrow)
Yeniay, Müesser
For Sure (History)
Yorke, Mantz
Scrambling, The Quiraing (Wild)
Two Poems (Suspicion)
Young, Whit
A Shadow of a Doubt (Disappear)
Yudelson, B.J.
Stalking (Adventure)
Zhicheng-Mingdé, Desmond Kon
seeing paul klee in green on green, 1938 (The Outsider)
Zilelian, Aida
Almost There (Behind Closed Doors)
The Weight of Emptiness (Farewell)
Zimet, Kristin Camitta
Fixing the Flowers (Beauty)