Nemesis Nemesis (September, 2018): editor's note · Halfway Down the Stairs seeks new poetry editor by the editorial staff · poetry · Heels of Their Shoes by James Gering · Sisyphus Alone by Ann E. Wallace · THE EXPERT by Tamara Kaye Sellman · Pilgrimage, Early March by Melissa Huff · Lost, Found by Carol Alexander · fiction · Shanghaied by Julie Rea · Waving to the Rubber Band Boy by John C. Weil · Follow Fellow by Mia Brech · Postcards from the Underground by Tony Press · So Shall You Reap by William Cass · nonfiction · Strangers in Las Vegas by Denise David · Raisins by Patty Somlo
Nature Nature (June, 2018): editor's note · Nature by Stacy Wennstrom · Halfway Down the Stairs seeks new Poetry Editors by the editorial staff · poetry · On Viewing Artist Point Across Yellowstone Canyon by Barbara Swift Brauer · Learning Distance by Barbara Swift Brauer · Magnolia Springs, Alabama & Barefoot by Katherine D. Perry · What Could Make Them Glad? by Elinor Ann Walker · On Hoping There’s More Than Meets the Eye by Elinor Ann Walker · River Mine by David R. Bowman · Hiking With Buster Through a Field In March   by David R. Bowman · The Moon and I by Heather Sager · Spirits Roam When the Moon Winks by Susan Scott · Rewilding of Tidmarsh and Beyond by Kelly R. Samuels · Meditation by Trivarna Hariharan · fiction · Eulogy for a Marshall County Possum by Laura Jackson Roberts · A Promise by Rasa Tautvydas · The Horny Passionate Pigeon by Julie Galosy · Spawning by Karen Shepherd · nonfiction · Three White Bellies by Terry Chase · reviews · Starting with Goodbye by Lisa Romeo by Milena Nigam
Schadenfreude Schadenfreude (March, 2018): editor's note · Schadenfreude by Joseph Murphy · poetry · Torah, Paint, and Obscurities of Desire by Carol Alexander · Green-Eyed by M. Stone · Witness by Val Dering Rojas · Lost and Found by Hannah Stone · fiction · Navy Blue Buick by Darcy Roennfeldt · Sleep by Andrew J. Hogan · Happy Starfish by Allen Kopp · reviews · Artefacts and Other Stories by Rebecca Burns by Stacy Wennstrom
Spilt Milk Spilt Milk (December, 2017): editor's note · Spilt Milk by Milena Nigam · poetry · Que Sera, Kitchen by Katelyn Thomas · Anger Is Its Own Lesson by Laura Grace Weldon · Next Moment After by Gordon Kippola · fiction · The Cobbler on Duplication Road by Faiza Bokhari · The Things I Seen by Nina Fosati · Tree, Water, Girl, Machine by Richard Hartshorn
Hubris Hubris (September, 2017): editor's note · Flying too close to the sun by Alison Stedman · poetry · Less Than We Are by Kailyn Kausen · Campus by Emily F. Butler · Los Angeles by Laurinda Lind · Class Action by Laurinda Lind · fiction · Old Enough by Doug Brown · I Don't Think So by William Cass · Salvage by Matthew Fairchild · My Tragic Flaws by Mary Beth Hoerner · After the Love by David DeFusco · nonfiction · Reality Check by Mary Donaldson-Evans
Gravity Gravity (June, 2017): · poetry · Mindego Mountain by Joe Cottonwood · Emily as the River Learns of the Button by Darren C. Demaree · All Nite Wash & Dry by Hilary Sideris · Full Length Mirror by Hilary Sideris · Syzygy by James Croal Jackson · The Pilgrim by Joanna M. Weston · fiction · Kissing Mermaids at the True Death-Defying Waterslide to Oblivion by Jim Naremore · Notes from a Penny-Candy Store by Alex Markovich · The Tree by Don Noel · Praetorian by Andrew Davie · Heart Rot by Frances Howard-Snyder
Homeward Homeward (March, 2017): editor's note · Homeward by Carrie Bachler · poetry · Old Shelby by Wren Tuatha · Difficult Questions by Jane Attanucci · Pose by Jane Attanucci · Homing by Sheryl White · fiction · Let It Rain by Sarah Bigham · Cleaning the Gite by Rebecca Burns · Landings by Alan J. Gerstle · Centralia, Town on Fire by Maggi McGettigan · Burnt Prairie by Leah Holbrook Sackett · The Song of Black Bear Mountain by Sharon Frame Gay · nonfiction · Preserves of Memory by Kathryn Paulsen · But deliver us from evil by Florina Enache · reviews · The Bishop’s Girl by Rebecca Burns by Sherri Miller
Origins Origins (December, 2016): editor's note · Origins by Joseph Murphy · poetry · Bay of Loutro by Ion Corcos · Brown Bear by Ion Corcos · Original Sin by Robin Knight · From the Outfield by Leah Brundige · fiction · Photo Album by William Cass · Next of Kin by Ken Teutsch · The Unknowableness of Things by Dave Northrup · Chiffon Cake by Liz Betz · Hank by Matthew Zanoni Müller · nonfiction · Speaky-Spokey by Maxine Kollar · Robert the Bruce by Susan Knox · Taken by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick
Fortune Fortune (September, 2016): editor's note · Fortune Telling by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Lo Mein not included by Lois Greene Stone · Luck by Janet McCann ·  Argument About Faith and Chance by Janet McCann · The Garden Outside The House by Natalie Crick · The Final Fortune of Desire by A.J. Huffman · Fortune Cookie by J. Harker Shaw · The First of Many by Holly Day · Fortune by Karla Linn Merrifield · Buffalo Bob by Jack D. Harvey · fiction · You Get Tunnel Vision by Anna Ralls · Even When You Think I'm Not There by Dylan Brie Ducey · Light and Shadows by Frances Howard-Snyder
Suspicion Suspicion (June, 2016): editor's note · Suspicion by Milena Nigam · Halfway Down the Stairs seeks Poetry Editor by the editorial staff · poetry · Odradek as a Wandering Eye by Jennifer Met · Terrorism by Jennifer Met · Two Poems by Mantz Yorke · fiction · Kansas by Rebecca Burns · Such Delicate Things by Rudy Koshar · Unreal by Katherine Forbes Riley · I Never Liked Him by Richard John Davis · Home Front by Mary Ann McGuigan · Out of Her Element by Anne Goodwin · Hopeless by B.P. Greenbaum · My Biological Father by Simon Barker · Small Acts by Susan Knox · A Pillar of Salt by Rachel Cohen
Wild Wild (March, 2016): editor's note · Wild by Alison Stedman · poetry · You listen the way this stone by Simon Perchik · And though this bottle is empty by Simon Perchik · Foothold by Erin Elikins Radcliffe · Scrambling, The Quiraing by Mantz Yorke · Essential Django Reinhardt by Sharon Lask Munson · Sinuous by Jenne Knight · Oysters by Hunter Clarke · fiction · Sarah's Secrets by Alex Markovich · Invitation to a Most Convenient Funeral by Jim Naremore · Winging It by Lou Gaglia · The Room by Philip DiGiacomo · nonfiction · Holdfast by Jane Salisbury · The Healing Begins Here by Patty Somlo
Grey Area Grey Area (December, 2015): editor's note · Grey Area by Sarah Wilkinson · The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs, 2010-2015 by the editorial staff · poetry · Lament of the Heirloom Red Deer Tongue Lettuce by Tricia Knoll · Wish Pennies by Kevin Casey · so by Robin Wyatt Dunn · Alive by Jan Duncan-O’Neal · Immersion by Robert Eastwood · fiction · Hook and Button by Mark Charney · When Linda Sketched the Dead by Hila Katz · Liars and Cheaters by Angie Walls · Barcelona by Kim Venkataraman · Biscuits and Gravy by Josh Rank · Wedding Song Blues by Daniele DeAngelis Walker · Bighorn Country by Clifford Hui · Interrogating Calla by Barbara Mujica · nonfiction · Escaping the Swine Flu, Nearly—Holed Up in Istanbul by Angela Smith Kirkman · The Personal Touch by Susan Knox · Enough by Tamara Kaye Sellman
Celebration A decade of Halfway Down the Stairs
Celebration (September, 2015): editor's note · Celebration by the editorial staff · poetry · Bless this Kiss by Michelle McMillan-Holifield · Tastes, dust and smoke by Vidya Panicker · Drum Circle, Woodstock NY by Joy Gaines-Friedler · A Moment of Sanitization by A.J. Huffman · fiction · MBE by Rebecca Burns · Uncle Joe's Attic by Robert Markovich · Everything We Need by Beth McCabe · nonfiction · It’s Coming Down by Rachel Lewis · Raising Robins by Beverly Offen
Strangers Strangers (June, 2015): editor's note · Strangers by Alison Stedman · Halfway Down the Stairs seeks new Poetry Editor by the editorial staff · poetry · Moonstruck in Krogers by Sharon Lask Munson · The Absence of Light by Sarah T. Jewell · A Sensitive Stranger by David Morgan OConnor · fiction · Hjemmelandet by Anniken Davenport · Purple Asteroid by Pam Parker · Free-Range by Emma Erickson · Subway by Anna Phoenix · Parade Day by Jackie Davis Martin · nonfiction · New Canaan by Daisy Florin · Malawi Coke by Jane Salisbury · The Quarry by Matthew Werneburg · reviews · Émigré, by Paul Grabbe with Alexandra Grabbe by Sherri Miller
History History (March, 2015): editor's note · Checkered by Carrie Bachler · Halfway Down the Stairs Seeks New Nonfiction Editor by the editorial staff · poetry · Touching by Tricia Knoll · For Sure by Müesser Yeniay · On Our Island by Memye Curtis Tucker · Isabella Remembers Columbus by Abigail Wyatt · fiction · Girl With a Red Hat by Alex Markovich · The Waiting Room by Rebecca Burns · A Tale of Two Wars by Catherine Mathews · A Good Day to be Born by Tony Press · There are no words by Melissa Goode · nonfiction · The One and Only Easter by Peggy Barnes · Lady in the Blue Sash by Kim Newton · reviews · The Settling Earth, by Rebecca Burns by Alison Stedman
Puzzle Puzzle (December, 2014): editor's note · The Poem as a Puzzle by Joseph Murphy · poetry · The One That Kicks It Off by E. Kristin Anderson · Get-Out Clause by E. Kristin Anderson · Innocent Girl Shrug and Smile by E. Kristin Anderson · Regeneration Engineer by Fain Rutherford · Butcher by Alexander Sawyer-Irish · fiction · Mailbox by Scott Archer Jones · Treehouse by Sarah Wilkinson · The Tune Had a Dying Fall by Ken Teutsch
Disappear Disappear (September, 2014): editor's note · Haunted by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Desert Weeds by Chris Crittenden · Eurydice's version by Carol Shillibeer · the music of lost men by Carol Shillibeer · I Still Live In Your House by Jacqueline Markowski · There Are Facts I Cannot Recite by Jacqueline Markowski · fiction · Stepping Into Dan's Shoes by Anne Goodwin · In the Middle of the Night by Milena Nigam · Horn Scars by Sven Toorvald · Songs of Sons by Shae Krispinsky · An Old Man Walks Up A Road by Rebecca Burns · Absence by Laura Stout · Gone by William Cass · Differential Success of Better Boy Tomatoes by Daniel Coble · Meatloaf Wednesday by Alyssa D. Ross · Mr Parish by Sherri Miller · nonfiction · Yours for the Distance by Tamara Adelman · The Land of Totuaba by Rachel Dacus · Tears by E.M. Parsons · A Shadow of a Doubt by Whit Young · reviews · Assault on Nature by Gary Beck by Roxanna Bennett
Possession Possession (June, 2014): editor's note · Possession by Roxanna Bennett · poetry · Charles Bridge Walk by Patricia Duffy · Stari Most Bridge by Patricia Duffy · Night at the Chain Bridge by Patricia Duffy · Excerpts from a War Memoir by m.nicole.r. wildhood · Hansel On Fire by Theodore Eisenberg · fiction · Save Our Boys by Jean Boler · She Dreams of Flying by John Vicary · Here by Michelle Assaad · Tuesdays by Kathryn M. Hamilton · The Golden Age by Jean Ryan · nonfiction · Releasing the Demon by Anna Bragga · Keeping Time by Deborah Davis · Tiny Booklets by Angelica Recierdo · Land Sailing by Erin Schmiel · reviews · The Dailiness, by Lauren Camp by Roxanna Bennett
Adventure Adventure (March, 2014): editor's note · Curiosity by Alison Stedman · poetry · Clarineros by Michelle Donahue · Volcano Pacaya by Michelle Donahue · Inside a Magician's Black Hat by Debbie Okun Hill · fiction · The Black Arrow of Death by Werner Low · Spike, Pebble, Granite by A X Bennett · Giantess by Cléa Major · On State Line by Jake Shore · Rosebud by Melodie Corrigall · nonfiction · Reckless by Rachel Dark · Surfer Moms by Donna Luff · Flashbulb Reflections by Linda McHenry · Stalking by B.J. Yudelson
Memory Memory (December, 2013): editor's note · What we can't do without by Joseph Murphy · poetry · New Jersey to Canterbury: In search of a pilgrimage by Carolyn Martin · Stuck by Shannon Quinn · Bruises by Shannon Quinn · Delayed Exposure, Close to Home by Sarah Winn · Leave-Taking by Marilyn Westfall · 8:55, City Junction by Joanna Chen · Proximity by Joanna Chen · fiction · An Older Woman by Alex Markovich · The Dandelion by Rebecca Burns · Spiraling by Valerie Connor · Morning Meals by Alex Poppe · nonfiction · Forget the Scar by Christi Krug · Fire, Water, Air by Lori Lamothe · Postmark by Antoinette McCormick · Eyes, Hands, Hotel, Hospital by Lisa Romeo
Illusions Illusions (September, 2013): editor's note · Madness and Hope by Carrie Bachler · poetry · The Planet Hunter’s Headache by Mikaela von Kursell · Stick Furniture by Colleen Carias · Huami by Laura Taylor · Hangman's Creek by Mercedes Webb-Pullman · The Highway by Sharon Fedor · Conjuror by Stephanie Pressman · A sighting of unknown light by Stephanie Pressman · Gallery Review by Felicia Mitchell · Paradise Botched by A.J. Huffman · Ethan Brand by Megan Mueller · The Irish Hour by Jane Attanucci · fiction · The Panov-Botvinnik Attack by John Mueter · Night at the Opera by Skeeter Enright · House of Cards by Jane Miller · Jeremy Irons by Melodie Corrigall · nonfiction · The Blue Dress by Mary Ann Cooper · Auoda, Unchained by Stephani Franklin
Beauty Beauty (June, 2013): editor's note · Beauty by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Saint Augustine Grass by Barbra Daniels · I Touch You in the Dark by Steve Klepetar · The Beauty of Life by Lora Keller · What Fashioned Me by Merridawn Duckler · Postcard from the Ruins by Melissa Carl · Bridal Bushes by Melissa Carl · Fixing the Flowers by Kristin Camitta Zimet · My Parents’ Faces by Marjorie Thomsen · fiction · At the Hotel El Loro by Rebecca Burns · Beautiful Scents by Tina Wayland · A Dress for the Address by Anne Goodwin · Polish Polka Band by Adam Reger · Service Animals by James Robert Herndon · Undeterred by Erik Svehaug · nonfiction · Dad by Amanda Felice · The Truck by Phyllis Green · Sugar-Free is for Sissies by Linda McHenry · Tumbleweed by Ellen Woods · reviews · Catching the Barramundi by Rebecca Burns by Sherri Miller
Tomorrow Tomorrow (March, 2013): editor's note · Never Jam Today by Roxanna Bennett · poetry · Those Silenced by the Storms by Susan Rooke · He Who Cannot Love by Alyssa Yankwitt · Rehearsal by Casey FitzSimons · fiction · An Act of Contrition by Cara-Aimee Long · On This Day by Rebecca Burns · hair today, gone tomorrow by Lance Manion · Pillow Fort by Carolyn Clark · To the Bright Blue Skies and Away by Leah Kaminsky · nonfiction · Keys by Marie Parc · All The World's Undefined Weariness by Elena Reitman
Villainous Villainous (December, 2012): editor's note · Nemesis by Alison Stedman · poetry · Boardwalk (anecdotes from a discrete period) by Shannon Quinn · Ophelia by Ed Higgins · Destruction Music by Amanda Chiado · Hephaestus in agony by Daniel A. Nicholls · fiction · The Costume Wedding by Leah Browning · Weight by A X Bennett · Lost Dogs by Kip Knott · Base Hit to Center by Paul Stenis · Family Night by Mary Driver-Thiel · Walking Point by Linda Barber · nonfiction · The Hoosier Factor by David Ewald · Lessons Learned by Aaron Z. Hawkins
Chaos Chaos (September, 2012): editor's note · The Continual Challenge by Joseph Murphy · poetry · Meticulous by Mitch Grabois · Squall by Jennifer Lobaugh · Up There by Fiona Lesley Bennett · Rainbow Man by Sheila Hassell Hughes · The Photographer by Lorie Allred · Golem, Goats, Grandma by Trina Gaynon · Dearest by Karen Neuberg · fiction · Here and There by Bradford Philen · The Screaming Beet by Elizabeth Weaver · Morning Rituals by Ken Teutsch · The Great Mole Constellation by Ann Holland · Wandering Universes by Sheila Hurst · Back to Twelfth Street by Dylan Gilbert · nonfiction · New Landscapes of Home by Leah Givens · The Babysitters by Diane M. Perrone
Persuasion Persuasion (June, 2012): editor's note · Noble and Sinister by Carrie Bachler · poetry · Swallow the Bones by Shannon Quinn · Juvenilia by Duncan Campbell · The uh-huh of Desire by Lauren Camp · His Voice in the Choir by Sherry Pelley · fiction · Four Minutes by G. A. Rozen · Knock by Maryann Ullmann · Sleet by Marty Carlock · Spider's Cradle by Lydia Matheny · Lying Still by Wendy Thornton · nonfiction · Swimmers Downstream by Vincent Joseph Noto · Blue Frosting by Jordan Wilkinson · reviews · Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith by Roxanna Bennett
Mystery Mystery (March, 2012): editor's note · Mystery by Roxanna Bennett · poetry · Singing the Dogs to Sleep by Steve Klepetar · Mystery of the Little Green Army Men by Marie Abate · A Hungry Wave by Rob Spiegel · Half the Sky by Rob Spiegel · fiction · The Wedding Guest by Rebecca Burns · Timeshare by Regina Clarke · Two Days from the Sea by Tony Press · Trilobites by Peter Hajinian · Sugar by Kori Hennessy · nonfiction · Orbit by Lauren Moore
Farewell Farewell (December, 2011): editor's note · Goodbyes by Alison Stedman · poetry · Day 188 by Shannon Connor Winward · Notes for Moving Day by Nathan E. White · Bench by Lizi Gilad Silver · the nurse hung up the phone; restraints by Richard Thompson · Goodbye by Jude Goodwin · Her Story by Marjorie Thomsen · fiction · Salt Stain by Zoe F. Gilbert · Hades Landing by Rebecca Burns · 1941 by Kyle Hemmings · The Fig Tree by Teresa Tumminello Brader · To Love An Abstraction by Hilary McCreery · Making Change by Lou Gaglia · The Weight of Emptiness by Aida Zilelian · Like Leaves in Autumn by Joyce Lautens OBrien · Cast-offs by Hila Katz · nonfiction · Edith by David Wanczyk · Dominion by Cristina Vega · reviews · What’s This, Bombardier? by Ryan Flaherty by Roxanna Bennett
We All Fall Down We All Fall Down (September, 2011): editor's note · Fallen by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Cold by Brittney Corrigan · Glimpses by Patricia Smith Ranzoni · Blaming Barbie by Colleen Carias · holiday sighting by Colleen Carias · Riding Bulls by Bob Bradshaw · Trajectory by Peter Kahn · fiction · The Red Dress by M. B. Wallace · Punch by Leah Browning · A Snap Decision by Daniel Davis · Ketchup by Jeff Wood · Clean by Hall Jameson · Microcosm by Sheila Hurst · An Uncertain Truth by Gale Massey · Whiskey Dick by Amy Yolanda Castillo · Lancaster by Carol Deminski · Enough by Heather Luby · The Last Chance by Joshua J. Mark · nonfiction · My Grandfather's Gift by Matthew Zanoni Müller · reviews · The Flower to the Painter, by Gary Inbinder by Alison Stedman
Time Time (June, 2011): editor's note · A Perspective on Poetry by Joseph Murphy · poetry · When He Leaves by Susan Rooke · Beignets in Japan by Teresa Tumminello Brader · During a Texas Hold-Em Tournament by Danielle Blasko · Inspiration Time, after Leonard Cohen by Debra Bennett · Boredom is bigger in Texas by Raina Lauren Fields · Death Benefit by Dave Northrup · Payphone by Shannon Quinn · Pulse by Mary Stone · To Get Around Time by Carol Levin · Practicums and Objectives by Casey Holman · Parallels by Yvette Managan · fiction · The Attraction by Andrea Janes · Disposable by Julianne Pachico · Loving Enid by Rebecca Burns · Times Like These by Melodie Corrigall · Her Reflection by Gary Inbinder · The Crimson Oyster Club by Sarah Kendall · nonfiction · Danaus plexippus: The Monarch King by Cora Gray · A-Drift in Time by Linda McHenry
Haunted Haunted (March, 2011): editor's note · Halfway Down the Stairs Seeks New Poetry Editor by the editorial staff · poetry · Sun, Descending by Debra Shirley · Beyond Jordan by Pat Philips West · In The Wind by Steve Meador · Comme une Jeune Fille by J.J. McKenna · Feeding the Ghost of You by Wynne Huddleston · The Time I Saw Jasmine by Jonna M. Weston · Perhaps a Consolation for the Solitude of Death by Jessica Purdy · please leave a message by Carrie Bachler · Ghost in the Kitchen by Brigette Yanes · fiction · The Storm on Promise Land Road by Ken Teutsch · Certified by Maryann Ullmann · The Villa on Tumatawarea Street by Eliza Granville · Playmate by Rumjhum Biswas · A Haunting by Salena Casha · Ragtime by Milla van der Have · Yucatan by Erik Fassnacht · nonfiction · Schloss Esterhazy by Eric G. Müller · reviews · The Swimmer, by Roma Tearne by Alison Stedman · An Exclusive Love  by Johanna Adorján by Stacy Wennstrom · From Under the Overcoat, by Sue Orr by Alison Stedman
Silence Silence (December, 2010): editor's note · Without the Noise by Carrie Bachler · The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs, 2005-2010 by the editorial staff · poetry · 5 AM by Isi Unikowski · Out of Nowhere, in the Middle of a Conversation in Gym by Sarah Pedersen · At Least Look Out of the Living Room Mirror and Smile or Even Snarl at Me by Margaret R. Hemme · The Mother by Margaret Rozga · The Unrevealed by James Toupin · Still Life Discussions by Gail Wawrzyniak · Shades of Blue by Pat Phillips West · Chanting Silence Eternal by Stefanie Lipsey · Jazz at Midnight by Christopher Hivner · Cannon Beach by Ed Higgins · Tongues by Antonia Clark · fiction · Victim by Barry W. North · Stories I Would Have Written by Mynah Noisel · Jack by Dave Northrup · Silence by Alison Stedman · nonfiction · The Lady and the Taiga by Audrey Lavin · Cold, Black, Leaves, Cloud, Lightning by Carrie Bachler · reviews · Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion by Alison Stedman
Beginnings and Ends Beginnings and Ends (September, 2010): editor's note · Wine Tasting by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · For Keeps by Sarah Bartlett · Contentment is Dangerous by Jean Brasseur · Firsts and Lasts by Hugh Fox · Jolie and the Bean Stake by Magdalene Fry · From My Bed by Maggi Ann Grace · Chasing Rabbits by Ann Howells · Pebble Round by Kimberly Keith · At the End of His Life by Christina Lovin · Fall by Janeen Rastall · But the Air Goes Clear by Rob Spiegel · Items 1-3 by Joanna Valente · On Preparations for the End of the World by Pamela Villars · Horse in my Hand by Margaret Walther · fiction · Ashes by Jennifer Marie Brissett · A Permanent Resident by Mindy Hung · Roman, Explorer by Peter Hajinian · Windows in the Deep Woods by Joanna Gardner · Wives by Gerry Wilson · Moving On by Susan Connors · Love, Jack by Kathi Hansen · nonfiction · Beginnings and Ends by Susan Dobrof · Lavender by Carol Reid · Sounds and Fury by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick
The Outsider The Outsider (June, 2010): editor's note · On the Outside by Alison Stedman · poetry · Icarus by Janet Butler · Susan Alexander, the snow, 1981 by Harry Calhoun · TwoDaysInHistory by Daniel Gallik · Origami by Chloe N. Clark · Hurricanes Named After Us by William Doreski · awakening in japan by Anthony Liccione · Leaky Faucets by Robin Offerdahl · Self and Others by Laury A. Egan · given the current placement of the empty cigarette box, by Kevin Kane · Fool's Quest by Alan Gann · I Scan the Obits by P.A. Bees · Clammy by Scott Archer Jones · Split by Maureen Kingston · Hellyer Park by Samantha Lê · seeing paul klee in green on green, 1938 by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé · The Missing Girl by Kristine Ong Muslim · Solitude by Hans Jorg Stahlschmidt · Real Gods by Jari Thymian · Bird in the Fire by Keith Moul · fiction · This Trio, Fatal and Valuable by Teri Carter · What Do You Know? by William Cass · Contract for a Slice of Uruguay by Jack Frey · Painful Charity by Adam Knight · Man of the World by Barry Jay Kaplan · Fireworks by Kate Larkindale · Stray by Alison Stedman · Love, E by Ajay Vishwanathan · nonfiction · The Invisible Waste Basket by Matthew Dexter · Trespasser by Tricia Sutton · reviews · Mr Rosenblum's List, by Natasha Solomons by Alison Stedman
Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors (March, 2010): editor's note · Behind Closed Doors by Carrie Bachler · interviews · Melanie Benjamin by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Fomalhaut by Andrew M. Bowen · High-rise Dogma by Alan Gann · Soliloquy Of An Angel by ETA · Thought Experiment by Sarah Stasik · Good News by Gale Acuff · (crossbones) by SJ Fowler · as rain floods the earth by Joshua Clark Orkin · Wailing Entropy by KJ Hannah Greenberg · Nocturne by Jeff Klooger · Grace by Robin Offerdahl · Wall by Dawn Schout · Listening to Night by Laura Grace Weldon · Undertaking Passage by Sherri Miller · black market adoption by Derek Richards · Welcome to the 21st Century, Ms. Browning by Sherri Miller · fiction · More Than Gone by Ethel Rohan · Tornado by Gail Taylor · Tests by Paul Lewellan · Least Broken, Soonest Mended by Leslie Haynsworth · Something Like That by J L Smith · Undying Love by Stephen Kimber · Almost There by Aida Zilelian · Obedience by Jan Melara · Unraveled by Carrie Bachler · Thrift Store Archeologist by Stacy Wennstrom · The End of the World by Francesca Leung · nonfiction · Sweater Girl by Jane Lawson · The Looking Glass by Amanda McKenzie · Lethal Cargo by Marjorie Seawell · Empty: My Journey at the Spanish Table by Jessica Weiss · reviews · Her Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger by Alison Stedman
Lost & Found Lost & Found (September, 2009): editor's note · Reclaimed by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Lost & Found by Lisa Plowman Dolensky · Pixelated by Catherine McGuire · Clean-Slate Days by ETA · narrow man by Brian Edward Bahr · Antique Jar by Ken Weene · The Random Step by Fariel Shafee · Forever by Robin Offerdahl · Passé Iconic by Paul Handley · Missing by Carla Martin-Wood · The Sea Dream Child by Caitlin McGuire · Question by Ann Doro · My Mother Takes Inventory In Her Nursing Home Room by Pat Durmon · We've Never Met by Bob Bradshaw · The Second Marriage Rears its Head but Does Not Attack by Mark Jackley · fiction · The Corners of my Mind by Carrie Bachler · Crowley's Ridge by CL Bledsoe · Dottie by Rebecca Burns · Three Pieces by Kate Maruyama · Paisan's Pizzeria Lost and Flounder by Sherri Miller · Gone Fishing by Joan Pedzich · A Decorous Age by Michael Saad · Boxes by Aliya Whiteley · nonfiction · My Pretty Fifteen-Inch Dell Laptop, and Its Connection to the Interblag by Francesca Leung · reviews · Solo, by Rana Dasgupta. by Alison Stedman
Twists of Fate Twists of Fate (March, 2009): editor's note · Twists and Turns by Alison Stedman · poetry · Twist of Fate by Antonia Clark · please turn me off by D.C. Porder · The Tread of Angels by John Grey · The Heart Breaks Down Like a Mechanical Device by Howie Good · Reaction by Ankur Agarwal · art by D.C. Porder · Vacancy by Donna M. Marbach · A Redemptive Life by Laura LeHew · Words of Water by Robin Offerdahl · Seashells of Murudeshwara by Stephen Joseph · Opportunity by Jessica Purdy · Things Not to Say by Adam Tod Leverton · sun-peel by David McLean · The Fire Next Door by Jessica Purdy · Going Home by Julie L. Moore · missing meanings by David McLean · An Arson of the Spirit by William Doreski · fiction · A New Day by Carrie Bachler · Peripheral Vision by Carmelinda Blagg · Vigil by Stacy Wennstrom · Salamandra and the Parking Meter by Joanna Gardner · Josephine Small by Francesca Leung · Paisan's Pizzeria: Time Wounds All Heels by Sherri Miller · Air and the E String by Sherri Miller · Jenny's Secret by Mimi Rosen · Home From the Dead by Tom Sheehan · nonfiction · The Mountain and the Painter by Adriane St. Clare
Bon Appétit! Bon Appétit! (September, 2008): editor's note · Celebrations by Stacy Wennstrom · interviews · Trish Ryan by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Nervous Stomach by Corey Mesler · Nourish My Tongue by Lena Judith Drake · A Passion For French by Bob Bradshaw · Rope by Gary Beck · Culinary Timeline by Carrie Bachler · Pillow Talk by John Thomas Clark · Journey by Gary Beck · fiction · Effects by Vicki Northern · The Last Supper by Stacy Wennstrom · Missing by Francesca Leung · Paisan's Pizzeria by Sherri Miller · Sweet Love by Sherri Miller · nonfiction · How to Crack an Egg by Christi Krug · reviews · Breath, by Tim Winton by Alison Stedman
Dream & Memory Dream & Memory (March, 2008): editor's note · Dream and Memory by Vicki Northern · interviews · John Elder Robison by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · The Painter of Dreams by Francesca Leung · Travel by Vicki Northern · After the Dream by Corey Mesler · Disoriented by Mimi Moriarty · Half Asleep by Meg Pokrass · Tristesse by Howie Good · At 4 a.m. by John Thomas Clark · Headwaters by Margarita Engle · Wrong Street by Kristine Ong Muslim · Grimalkin's Magic by Cheryl Hicks · Of Things Past and Future by Daniel Wilcox · When I Am Asked by Amy Watkins · Doors, Rooms, Secrets by Kristine Ong Muslim · Tearing Along These Dotted Lines by Cheryl Hicks · fiction · George and Chocolate Ice Cream by P.A. Bees · Butterfly Dreaming by Sandra Maddux-Creech · Theory by Jon Ballard · Preoccupied by Karen Aschenbrenner · The Katzman Ghost by Carol Reid · Dreamworld by Francesca Leung · Rain by Alison Stedman · Saturday by Carrie Bachler · nonfiction · A Memory of Bees by Christi Krug · Tír na nÓg by Wm. Anthony Connolly · Other People's Dreams by Cheryl Hicks · Goldfish Memory by Nancy Boutin
Notes Notes (September, 2007): editor's note · Perform by Francesca Leung · interviews · Lesley Kagen by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · Satie's Estate Liquidation by J.R. Salling · The First Sonnet I Wrote After Receiving My 58th Rejection Letter From The New Yorker by Bryon D. Howell · Infliction by Gary Beck · Fly Away by Jonathan Hayes · This Is Not a Poem About You Sleeping by Pete Lee · Things to Do by Leah Browning · Odonata by Susan Culver · Blame it on the Postman by Susan Culver · Note to Self by Jon Ballard · Evanescence of Flowers by Srinjay Chakravarti · Kiss the Morning I Am Not In by Ray Succre · Lucie by Francesca Leung · The Trumpeter by Vicki Northern · fiction · Le Grande Music by Terry Sanville · Scenes From the Sandbox by T.R. Healy · From Thought to Song by Carrie Bachler
Earth, Air, Fire, Water Earth, Air, Fire, Water (March, 2007): editor's note · Earth, Air, Fire, Water by Carrie Bachler · poetry · autumnal by J.D. Nelson · Ukiah No. 239 by J.D. Nelson · World II by Francesca Leung · The Miners by Vicki Northern · fiction · Are These Your Flip-Flops? by Logan Scherer · Gift of the Merlion by Rumjhum Biswas · Leviathan by Dianne Rees · Sea Salt by Leah Wickman · Timeless by Francesca Leung · Ghosts in the Mud by Carrie Bachler · Turning by Alison Stedman · The Book of Abominations by Stacy Wennstrom
Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope (September, 2006): editor's note · Life is a Kaleidoscope by Alison Stedman · fiction · Red Day by Kathryn Magendie · From the Inside by Carrie Bachler · The Piano Tuner by Alison Stedman · Pink Cashmere by Stacy Wennstrom · Homecoming by Vicki Northern · Cosmopolitan by Leah Wickman · Zephyr by Francesca Leung
Wanderlust For Mary Stedman
Wanderlust (March, 2006): editor's note · Of Discoveries and Destinations by Francesca Leung · poetry · On a Beach in Wales by Carol Corke · On the Road by Elaina Turpin · Night Shift by Vicki Northern · fiction · The Soundtrack of My Life by Alison Stedman · Soldier Boy by Francesca Leung · Make Believe by Stacy Wennstrom · nonfiction · With the Grace of God Go I by Leah Wickman
Enchanté Enchanté (September, 2005): editor's note · When We Are Enchanted by Stacy Wennstrom · poetry · The Gryphon by Francesca Leung · The Fall of Troy by Vicki Northern · fiction · A Conference of Villains by Alison Stedman · Yagmar Falls from the Sky by Alison Stedman · Gifts so Treasured by Leah Wickman · Frost by Stacy Wennstrom · The Small Hours by Vicki Northern